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Product Manager Job in Nepal

Basic Job Information

Vacancy for Product Manager @ Viamo Nepal

Job Description

Job Description - Product Manager

The 3-2-1 Product Manager is an integral part of the VIAMO team and responsible for ensuring quality on the 3-2-1 Service. (S)he will help with each step of the content creation process, ensuring that key messages follow best practices, and are translated, recorded and pre-tested correctly. (S)he will be the IVR platform expert, building the audio and text trees, updating content, and troubleshooting. (S)he will play a key role in monitoring the continued quality and success of the Service, piloting and evaluating new initiatives, and reporting to MNO and NGO partners.

Manage 3-2-1 Day-to-Day Activities.

  • Test 3-2-1 channels daily to ensure that the codes are working
  • Update the master document containing all 3-2-1 messages
  • Update dynamic content on the service.
  • Documentation and archiving of any changes made to the content of the service
  • Track all other 3-2-1 related statistics, in collaboration with the Country Manager.
  • Issue and analysis of 3-2-1 monthly statistics

Upload and manage content in the Viamo platform

  • Master all Viamo mobile functionality for the creation and management of content trees with the 3-2-1 best practices
  • Update sound files as needed
  • Update text (USSD/SMS) as needed
  • Create live dashboard links as requested for sharing with content partners
  • Download data and create reports on usage as requested

Managing Relations with the Content Production Team

  • Create and organise the content scripts with 3-2-1 best practices to share with the team for translation and recording.
  • Ensure that all received content is of high quality, in the agreed-upon format and delivered on time
  • Once the sound files and text files have been sent back, review and compare the content to ensure consistency, grammatical accuracy, and clarity of the messages.
  • If revisions to the sound file or the text need to be made, send to production team explaining the problem. Repeat as necessary.
  • Update master document containing all 3-2-1 messages across all languages
  • Document and archive any changes made to the content of the service

Pre-Testing of Content

  • Lead the pre-testing of new 3-2-1 content for message quality and comprehension
  • If necessary, identify, train, and supervise researchers for testing of content, according to 3-2-1 testing guidelines
  • Produce summary reports with recommendations for improving the content

Issuance of Statistics and Reports Related to 3-2-1

  • Issue and analysis of 3-2-1 monthly statistics
  • Track all other 3-2-1 related statistics, in collaboration with the Product Supervisor
  • Write and send monthly usage reports to MNO partner
  • Write and send monthly usage reports to Content Partners

Manage the 3-2-1 marketing relations with mobile Network Operator

  • Create 3-2-1 promotion messages with best practices and submit them to MNO for approval
  • Collaborate with the MNO to create a schedule for promotions and ensure that it is followed
  • Record the dates of promotion, messages pushed across the different categories
  • Create BTL reports for MNO and partners

Other: Nepal Project Management Support

  • Support the Country Manager as needed for Viamo’s work in Nepal
  • Assist with the design, strategy and implementation of projects in Nepal
  • Lead project implementation, supporting translation, recording, testing needs, amongst other project needs
  • Carry out technical deployment of the project on the Viamo platform
  • Monitor and document performance metrics, end user engagement and impact to inform appropriate changes to project approach and overall implementation as needed.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Number of listeners
  • Key Messages listened to
  • Consistency and completion of monthly tasks
  • Caller to listener ratio

Team and Reporting Structure

  • Reports to Nepal Country Manager

Job Specification

Job Specification - Product Manager

  • Education : Bachelor
  • Experience : 1 year
  • Professional Skill : Communication, Business Development, Team Management
  • Specification Detail
    • Minimum bachelor’s degree
    • Mastery of computers and mobile technology with proficiency in MS Office
    • Experience of data collection and analysis
    • Experience with project management life cycle, monitoring and evaluation
    • Fluency in Nepali
    • A willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Whether that means going back to the drawing board with a problem or simply taking on different roles and responsibilities for a period of time, you thrive at adapting to changing environments
    • Demonstrated ability to multitask, prioritize and coordinate
    • Proven ability to work independently, flexibility and willingness to adapt to new tasks as needed
    • Excellent attention to detail and thoroughness


    • Previous experience working with a Mobile Network Operator
    • Knowledge of Interactive Voice Response and USSD
    • Previous working experience in content development for mobile
    • Experience with behaviour change communication
    • Experience with qualitative research
    • Previous experience working in project management
  • Apply Before : Oct-01-2020
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