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Company Profile - Pacific Engineering Co

The Company was established as a private limited Company in 1998 under the government of Nepal. It has been established with the aim of providing construction works services in the field of roads, highways, bridges, Airport, irrigation, water supply, river training, hydropower, electrical transmission and distribution lines, tunnels, building and industrial complex.

The company is highly committed to continuously upgrading its performance to keep pace with the emerging needs of the nations and ultimately achieve people’s satisfaction. The company recognizes that its success comes from and is attributed to its engineers and staff. Without their commitment, ingenuity, and hard work, Company would not be the success story it is today or the company we are striving to be tomorrow.

The company normally takes up works independently and sometimes it also works as a Partner in a joint venture.

Since the establishment of the company, it has successfully completed different contracts such as highway, village roads, canal, drainage, structures, buildings, irrigation, bridges, etc. We are proud to deliver projects that shape our communities and strengthen our nation’s infrastructure.

Industry: Construction and Real Estate

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