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Company Profile - International School For Skills (ISS)

International School for Skills (ISS) – upcoming finishing school is the part of LBEF Group of Institutions and will be operational from January 2020. The Institute’s collective aim is to bridge the fractional gap between being a degree holder to becoming a professional as well for the professionals in advancing their career aspirations to be equipped with the required tools and ammunitions to better render their services to their employer.


Our mission is to secure the youth of the nation with an unrivalled leadership for self / employment; through skills and knowledge that will significantly increase their productivity, thereby enhancing their individual contributions to the goals of their organization and thereby the nation.


We shall:

1. Ensure our services are accessible and accommodate our clients’ individual needs.

2.  Offer training programs to the candidates to skill, up-skill and re-skill themselves that meet industry and employer skills requirements.

3. Provide exceptionally high-quality services.

Industry: Immigration and Education Consultancy

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