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Company Profile - Antarang-Psychosocial Research and Training Institute

As we are moving towards the modern era; our life is becoming very busy and complex. We have become captured by various problems arising due to complexity of life. Many problematic situations are the result of this complexity. Many problems like, conflicts, family problems, adjustment problems, drug abuse, human trafficking, child labour, sexual abuse are increasing day by day. Struggle for survival makes human being sometimes, heartless, rude, selfish, violent and aggressive. People are running behind the money, money and only money. Not a single moment he/she can sit silently and think about him/herself. Many times one faces difficulty to identify one’s own emotions and to value them. It looks that a person is having a mask in his/her face all the time that makes the life very hazardous. The charm of relationship is lost, children have become alone, older one finds him/herself nowhere, and everyone is within him/herself. He/she is having difficulty in adjusting him/herself in society. People are facing such problems as the failure in maintaining a good and balanced relationship with society.

Many social problems including the substance abuse, violent activities, conflicts, poor interpersonal relationships, extreme deviation from his/her own culture and societal dysfunctions prevail in society. However, any stressful events mentioned above affect our body as well as our mind. If the body is not well, our mind also cannot be well and vice versa.

These are the psycho-social problems that cannot be overlooked. We can see many of these psycho-social problems in our society these days. It is the proper time to think about resolving these problems seriously before it will be too late. Awareness towards psycho-social problems is the first step that should be taken before the treatment.

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